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Eugenio Derbez responds to Victoria Ruffo for calling him old and reminds him that she is older

Eugenio Derbez responds to Victoria Ruffo and does not rule out a reconciliation.

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After the accident he suffered last August and which caused 17 fractures in his right shoulder, Eugenio Derbez was captured during his arrival in Mexico City in the company of his wife alessandra rosaldo and the little one Aitanawhere he shared some of his plans, in addition to reply to comments from Victoria Ruffo.

The actor and comedian returned to Mexico to spend the holidays with his family and attend to some projects that were left unfinished after the accident he suffered a few months ago that kept him away from work, but in better spirits and visibly recovered, he shared with various media of communication that is the first time that leaves Los Angeles, California.

He also surprised by revealing that after receiving the news that he would have to undergo surgery, he came to think that he could lose his arm because he was going to have a shoulder replacement.

“The doctor told me: ‘You run the risk of your body rejecting it’ and you get ideas. It scared me, he broke his shoulder into 17 pieces, it was a pretty serious injury, but luckily none of that happened. I’m in a better mood now I was in depression like a monthBut I’m fine now with the support of my family, of Alessandra who bathed me, changed me and fed me,” recalled the 61-year-old actor.

He revealed that he still cannot fully raise his arm and has an impediment to perform some movements, since full recovery will take him from six months to a year.

But with the sense of humor that characterizes him, Eugenio Derbez referred to the messages he sent him Victoria Ruffowho even sent prayers for a speedy recovery, to which he first replied that “it took time”, but he thanks them anyway.

“It took him a while to say a prayer for me, but he already did. I am very grateful, today I will raise a prayer for her in return“, he mentioned between laughs.

He also recalled that he called him “old man” for having fractured, to which he again referred, remembering that she is older.

“I heard that she said that I was old and I just want to remind her that she is older than me, so… I already let go.”

Eugenio Derbez

And he does not rule out that there could be a reconciliation, because more than 30 years after his estrangement, he is already letting go of the pain that caused him to be taken away from his son José Eduardo, whom he could not see for several years, missing important stages.

“I think there is always the possibility, I was very hurt for so many years that I stopped seeing my son, but now we have to let go,” added the Mexican producer before the camera of the “Ventaneando” program.

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