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Eugenio Derbez “mocked” Victoria Ruffo by pointing out that she would not be a good First Lady of Mexico

During his return to Mexico City, where he will spend the end of the year festivities, Eugenio Derbez held a meeting with several media outlets that were waiting for him at the airport to find out about his health progress after the accident he sufferedwhich caused him 17 shoulder fractures.

It gave me a bit of depression, because many things go through your head, when they tell you that you are not going to recover the movement you had before,” said the comedian.

Disputed about the comments of his ex-partner Victoria Ruffo where the actress indicated that she would pray for his recovery, because in addition to being the father of his son José Eduardo, he is already old, Derbez sent him a little message.

“I heard that she said that I was old and I just wanted to remind her that she is older than me, so…”, he expressed.

The truth is that the relationship between the two actors has not been the best since it was revealed that Eugenio had a fictitious marriage with Victoria, whom he had deceived for years.

Nevertheless, Since both of them already have six decades of life and new partners, Derbez is open to improving his relationship with José Eduardo’s mother.

I was very hurt for so many years that I stopped seeing my son, but now we have to get over it. I always believe that there is the possibility (of reconciling),” he said.

Given the probability that Victoria Ruffo could become the First Lady of Mexico in case her husband Omar Fayad runs and wins the 2024 elections to become president, Eugenio Derbez made an ironic comment.

“No, then the actresses are not good first ladies, I say no, better not,” he said.

It should be noted that Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez stayed together for four years, but from 1996 they took different paths.

Although at the time it gained strength that the actress was considering suing the comedian for having set up an apocryphal marriage, in the end everything ended up being diluted.

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