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Eugenio Derbez goes for Bad Bunny’s jugular for mistreating a fan | VIDEO

Eugenio Derbez He has become one of the most important figures in the Hispanic entertainment industry, as well as in Hollywood, which is why each opinion he issues is of great importance.

On this occasion, the protagonist of “No returns are accepted” fixed a position when questioned about the recent attitudes of Bad Bunny against a fan

Eugenio’s opinion has always had weight within the entertainment industry, as he is respected by a large number of actors, who have recognized Derbez’s humility.

In addition to showing appreciation to the actor, Well, multiple figures of the Mexican show business were able to start their careers thanks to the help of the comedian.

Being a cheerful person who usually avoids conflicts, The comments that Derbez recently made regarding the situation related to Bad Bunny have surprised.

Well, the actor harshly criticized the actions of the singer, who is in the midst of a great controversy over his rudeness with a fan.

The acclaimed actor harshly criticized the singer’s actions, condemning that there is no justification for Bad Bunny after his act, since the fan at no time assaults him, nor is he surrounded by a crowd.

“The people are the ones who give power and the people are the ones who take it away. It is tremendously bad, the fans are not treated like that, apart from it was not a moment that you said they were pushing him “


Unfortunately, 2023 began in the worst way for Bad Bunny, because after ending 2022 with a great controversy related to his presentation in Mexico City.

The singer recently found himself in the eye of the hurricane, Well, a clip went viral where it is observed how the Puerto Rican throws a fan’s cell phone into the sea.

The singer’s actions have been harshly criticized, as many claim that the musician behaved rudely and does not show any kind of gratitude to his fans. Those who brought him to fame in the first place, within the lots of criticism, one opinion in particular drew attention, as Eugenio Derbez expressed himself regarding the situation.

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