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The discussion about whether or not vaping devices are harmless to health, was once again in vogue among several global authorities, after the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned vaping on June 22. Juul company to continue selling its vapers in the US

The agency’s reason is based on the fact that the company would not have provided sufficient evidence that its devices prevent the leaching of chemical materials from its nicotine vapor electronic cigarettes, when users inhale the product.

Although Juul appealed the decision a day later, achieving that instead of a complete ban, sales of its vapers were temporarily suspended, the discussion about the effects of these increasingly popular devices revived some positions around the world.

In the old continent, for example, this Wednesday the European Commission issued a statement from the General Directorate of Health and Food Safety, where it proposed to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes. However, the central reason for this idea rests on different bases than those of the FDA in the US, while the proposal in Europe seeks to reduce the smoking population by 5% by 2040.

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Although some figures show that in countries such as the US, tobacco consumption continues to be greater than that of vaping products (in 2021 the tobacco industry reported revenues of nearly USD$99 billion in that country, while the of electronic cigarettes, USD$7.8 billion), in Europe it has been shown that more and more young people are joining the “vaping” trend.

However, some experts argue not only that this audience may be more likely to use conventional cigarettes over time in the future, but that such products may be harmful because, as the FDA maintains, when they burn, the Heat from the devices can cause harmful and carcinogenic substances such as propylene glycol, carbonyls, and some heavy metals to leak out and be inhaled.

The proposal made by the European Commission is still far from becoming a reality. Well, first this must be evaluated by the Council and the European Parliament, who will be in charge of defining whether or not to prohibit the sale and distribution of vapers within the European Union (EU).

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