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Espresso or instant coffee: which one to choose?

There are differences between espresso and soluble coffee. But do you know what they are? Find out what brings together and distinguishes these drinks.

When choosing a drink, many ask themselves: espresso or instant coffee?There are, effectively, differences between both coffees, but not everyone knows exactly which ones. It’s just that not only is the method of preparation different, but also its nutritional properties.

To clarify your doubts and, perhaps, debunk some myths associated with this topic, we will explain exactly the differences between espresso and instant coffee. From now on you will know which coffee to drink, according to your needs.

benefits of coffee

Coffee is, in general, a very popular drink. Although it should not be consumed in excess, its regular consumption can bring many health benefits, namely:

Espresso or instant coffee: which one to choose?

main features

Maybe you don’t realize that, nutritionally, there are some differences between espresso and soluble coffee. But before delving into these variables, it is important to know how to distinguish these two types of coffee, according to their method of preparation, temperature, aroma, flavor and caffeine levels.

Espresso coffee is produced in a dedicated machine with a generous amount of powder. Soluble coffee, on the other hand, only requires a small portion of hot water, sugar and powder to taste. With regard to temperature, this factor does not vary considerably between both coffees, in both cases around 90ºC to 100ºC.

As for aroma and taste, espresso has a strong and characteristic taste, while soluble coffee has a more variable smell and taste, depending on the amount of powder and water used. When it comes to caffeine levels, both espresso and soluble coffee have equivalent portions of caffeine.

Soluble coffee in the morning

nutritional properties

Espresso and soluble coffee have different nutritional properties, according to nutritionist Catarina Sofia Correia. While espresso is made by grinding it very finely and then pressing it through a machine with hot water; the soluble one is made from ground coffee bean extract, later dissolved in hot water. This last option is more practical, cheaper and faster, but there are other differences that can be pointed out.

Instant coffee contains slightly less caffeine than espresso. A teaspoon of instant coffee has 30 to 90mg of caffeine, while the same serving of espresso has 70 to 140mg. Therefore, soluble coffee may be a better choice for those who want to ingest less caffeine.

consume in moderation

Acrylamide is a harmful chemical found in roasted coffee beans. According to studies, soluble coffee contains more acrylamide than espresso. However, you can rest assured that only an exaggerated exposure to this substance makes it truly dangerous for the body. Therefore, regular coffee consumption does not pose any risk.

In general, and according to the nutritionist’s indications, coffee consumption, regardless of its form, is beneficial, as long as you do not exceed 2 to 3 normal coffees a day (recommended daily dose for adults without health problems).

To take even more advantage of the benefits of caffeine, you should favor coffee at the following times – 9:30 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm -, that is, after the cortisol production peaks.

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