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Espinoza Paz will live grateful to Jenni Rivera for a gift she made for him before she died

10 years after the plane crash where the interpreter Jenni Rivera lost her life, the singer-songwriter Espinoza Paz revealed that he will always be grateful to her because before she died she showed him a gesture of nobility.

“She never ceased to amaze me. He gave me a gift after he left, which was to record a song. I did not know that she had recorded the theme of let’s trick him. And when they told me that I was going out, hearing it gave me goosebumps. I thank you for that special gift,” said the Sinaloan singer.

And it is that Janney Dolores Rivera Saavedra, artistically known as Jenni Rivera, died at the peak of her career, when practically any new song she presented, in a matter of days, was at the top of the popularity charts.

As part of her discography, the “Diva de la banda” came to record at least two other songs by Espinoza Paz such as No llega el olvido and Inolvidable, something that the singer-songwriter values ​​highly, because this also contributed so that his interpretations boosted his career.

“I only have to thank her and continue to remember her as I remember her: as a person that people loved, people loved,” she stressed.

In addition, the 41-year-old interpreter mentioned that Jenni Rivera had a personality that connected with the public immediately and perhaps this is why her fans have not assimilated her death yet.

You realize that when people have that something that nobody knows what it is, people keep remembering it, keep respecting it. She was one of those artists that makes you want to keep loving her, remembering and listening to it. She will always be alive in our hearts, ”she emphasized.

It should be noted that after a long absence from the stage, this year Espinoza Paz reappeared before his audience and the response achieved made him worthy of recognition at the 2022 Bandamax Awards, in the category “The most anticipated comeback”.

And to close the year the composer announced that he is preparing a version of Las Mañanitas dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, which will be known this December 12.

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