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Espinoza Paz insists on convincing Luis Miguel to record a song for him and makes him a tremendous promise | VIDEO

Espinoza Paz He has become the favorite Mexican singer-songwriter of bands and stars such as La Arrolladora Banda El Limón, El Coyote, Banda MS, Jenni Rivera, David Bisbal, Grupo Firme and Sergio Vega.

Who are some of the stars who recorded some of the lyrics of the singer and composer who has become one of the favorite pens of the Mexican regional and in general of music in Spanish.

Isidro Chávez, Espinoza Paz’s real name and the one with whom he signs his lyrics, was already famous with the songs he composed even long before he achieved success with his voice.

It was the romantic ideas and heartbreak, his chords that reach the hearts of the people that opened the doors of the success that he now enjoys.

But Espinoza Paz is always looking for more and recently made it known on the network specializing in group music, Bandamax, that he has someone he would like to work with in his sights.

But his dream is so big that he has even designated the song that he will give to Luis Miguel, since he is the star with whom he wants to collaborate.

“I see him leave every morning and I say ‘I wish I recorded a song’, I think it would be very nice, I once said that ‘Normal man’ would sing it incredible”


But things did not end there, he also revealed that he has a title that he would love if Luis Miguel was the star to give him a voice, the project is called “I manifest you”.

“Today I show you my gratitude, I show you my appreciation, my affection, I always wish the best for you, today I show you all my respect”


The “people’s singer-songwriter” was one of the most applauded stars in 2022 and it is that he managed to make “La Mushasha Shula”, one of his songs, become a trend on social networks, it was so booming that it was even used to accompany challenges and choreographies in TikTok.

“La Mushasha Shula” currently has more than 15 million views on YouTube and was the piece with which Espinoza Paz returned to the top positions of the best popularity charts in Mexico and the United States with said melody.

It should be remembered that the group at some point revealed that the piece was born from a simple pun in which his creativity was the main source for it to be placed among the best songs of 2022.

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