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Esmeralda Pimentel shows off her stylized legs and neckline posing alone with a jacket without underwear

Although there are few times that the actress Emerald Pimentel She has posed with little clothing, the beauty of her physique and curves always ends up causing a stir among her followers on social networks, and this was the case with one of her most recent publications in which he shone before the camera with the minimum of clothing.

The actress, originally from Jalisco, Mexico, is completely proud of the woman she is today and made it clear that she is not only willing to express what she wants and show the world who she really is, but also enjoys what she has learned from her 33 years; This was revealed during an interview with the magazine Glamor de México y Latinoamérica, where he also confirmed that he is going through the best moment of his life on a professional and personal level, since he exuded beauty and sensuality in a photo session in which he posed with very little clothing. leaving in evidence the spectacular body that it has.

It was through her official Instagram profile where the protagonist of series like ‘Montecristo’ and ‘Where there was a fire’ shared a bit of what she experienced during the photo session she did for Glamor magazine and in which, among some other changes, caused a stir by posing with an oversized light blue jacket with which revealed a revealing cleavage because he chose not to wear underwear underneath.

“When you fall in love with yourself, magical things happen!” wrote the post.

In addition, the movie and television star exposed how much fun she has when she works, as she made a few hip movements while showing off her talent as a model.

As expected, the publication was well received by her fans, who rated her with more than 65,000 heart-shaped reactions, as well as a shower of messages in which some celebrities such as Maite Perroni fell in love with her dazzling beauty.

“Perfection does exist”, “Every day prettier”, “You’re not real”, “How beautiful”, “Precious photos”, “Spectacular”, “What a great body”, “How beautiful and sexy”, “But what sensuality there is in you”, “You look spectacular”, “Amazing bearing and great body”, “You are an excellent actress and model”, “How beautiful you are”, read in the comments section.

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