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Esmeralda Pimentel confesses that she got breast implants “to please” her ex

Esmeralda Pimentel is completely proud of the woman she is today and made it clear that she is not only willing to express what she wants and show the world who she really is, but that she also enjoys what she has learned at 33 years of age; She thus revealed it during an interview granted to the Glamor magazine of Mexico and Latin America, where for the first time she spoke about the reasons that led her to remove her breast implants a few months ago.

And it is that, as revealed by the television star, she made the decision to recover the original size of her breasts in the midst of a personal crisis, where she not only began to recognize her essence, but also recovered her love for life.

“My love breakup was combined with a surgery where I decided to have the breast implants explanted and that was to confront me not only with a transformation in my body, also with a process of regenerating my health, body and heart, all at the same time. I think I was in such a vulnerable moment, where I felt so much pain internally and physically, that the only thing I had left was love for myself and love for life, and that’s where I grabbed on,” she commented.

Although he confesses that he does not intend to “judge the Esme from 12 years ago that was implanted”, he remembers with some insecurities that caused him to see his body as it really was not, because at that time he worked for a company for which He did not reveal the name, but they proposed to him to have surgery “the nose or the boobies”, with which they insinuated that it was not enough to have a successful career.

But not only that, because Esmeralda Pimentel also made the decision to increase the size of her breasts to please her ex, which ended up affecting her self-esteem.

“Also I did it to please my previous partner and in the end I thought of everyone except myself. It was something that ended up taking my health and self-esteem because that did not replace the internal work that I had to do with myself to feel safe,” she added.

The protagonist of series such as ‘Montecristo’ and ‘Where there was fire’ concludes that today she feels better than ever with her body and can say that she loves it, since the greatest pain is not physical and it has nothing to do with having put on or removed the implants, but when he realized that there is nothing external that can replace a process of self-love, and “It doesn’t matter how many surgeries you have, how much makeup you put on, how you dress, what car you have, etc, the important thing is that you can look in the mirror and feel happy and proud of the person you are”.

Esmeralda Pimentel confirms that looking feminine is something that everyone defines and this was what led her to change her image to be and feel good about herself.

I cut my hair, I removed implants, I dress how I wantI have broken with some beauty stereotypes and I want to tell you that we only live once” and asked women to stop wasting time trying to please others.

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