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eSIM only for iPhone 14. What does it mean for Colombia?

The announcement of the iPhone 14 brought an important change: the move completely to the eSIM. What does it mean for its users in Colombia?

The iPhone 14 comes with different surprises for Apple fans. But perhaps one of the most striking elements in his announcement was Apple’s decision to eliminate the Sim tray and offer the new model of his device only through eSIM.

And it’s sure that devoted Apple fans will fully understand what this change means. But for those who are a little confused we have prepared a list with the most common answers they may have.

What is an eSIM?

Let’s start with the main topic. The eSIM or Virtual SIM is, in a simple way, a technology that replaces physical SIM Cards and allows your device to connect to an operator without one.

How do I get an eSIM?

Well, the thing is you have and at the same time you don’t have to get it.

We explain ourselves. The eSIM works thanks to a chip that comes inside the equipment. You don’t have to buy it and there is no way to install this chip in equipment that is not compatible. Basically what this chip does now is fulfill the same functions that a SIM had before.

Now, what an operator has to have is eSIM compatibility. This depends on each operator. It is also possible that the availability is limited, since the configuration process is somewhat different from the traditional one.

Are there operators with eSIM in Colombia?

YES. At the time of publication of this article, there are two compatible operators: Claro and Movistar. Now, we mention Claro, but so far its compatibility only applies to setting up an Apple Watch. This may change in the coming months.

So what will happen to the iPhone 14 in Colombia?

The first thing you need to know is that only iPhone 14s in the United States will come without the SIM tray. Those that arrive in our country will still be manufactured so that you insert a physical SIM.

Now, if you are going to bring your iPhone 14 from the United States, the first thing you have to check with your operator is if it is compatible with this technology, what are the conditions it has and what is its cost (some operate by integrating an extra cost that is apply to your bill).

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