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ESA promises that there will ‘definitely’ be an E3 2023 • ENTER.CO

It’s a June time for video game lovers. For one thing, we don’t have E3 this year. On the other hand (and as we have said several times this year) on this side of the world we can’t really enjoy E3 beyond the conferences… and we still have those, so who really wants an E3 2023.

However, while developers continue their presentations throughout the month on ‘Definitely not E3’, The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has guaranteed that next year, we will definitely have E3 2023.

In a conversation for The Washington Post, Stan Pierre-Louis (president and CEO of ESA) assured that they are already looking for ways to guarantee that the event will continue next year. “We are excited about returning to digital and in-person events,” said Pierre-Louis.

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This last comment is important, because the main problem E3 has had has been the difficulty of coordinating an in-person event. Before the pandemic, E3 was a 100% digital fair. Then in 2020 E3 (along with most events that year) had to be cancelled. In 2021 we had a digital version that, unfortunately, did not convince the participating developers and that ultimately ended up burying the possibility of a new E3 in 2022 when the peaks of the Delta variant at the beginning of the year sponsored new limitations for face-to-face events.

Thus, it seems that E3 is clear that if you want to return, you need to re-adopt the face-to-face format. “As much as we love these digital events, and as much as they reach people and have that global reach, we also know there’s a very strong desire for people to come together, to be able to connect in person and see each other and talk about what they’re doing. it makes games great.”

Of course, this optimism seems to come only from ESA. Reports claimed that even with COVID, ESA was already having trouble securing developer participation (and sponsorship). The reason is simple, with these companies increasingly migrating to digital platforms and formats. At the same time, the existence of events such as Summer Game Fest seems to prove in 202 that the largest video game fair… may not return even in a post-pandemic world.

Images: ESA

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