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Ernesto Laguardia had to go to a hospital emergency due to intense pain

Although this year he had the opportunity to be in force again on television thanks to a couple of soap operas where he participated, Ernesto Laguardia Longega also faced a couple of challenges related to his health.

During an interview granted to the program windowing, The 63-year-old actor confessed that he recently had to go to a hospital in an emergency due to intense pain in his body.

“I started with a lot of pain in my left back. My wife took me to the emergency hospital because it was in tremendous pain.” said.

Although at the moment Laguardia’s health is not at risk lSurgery was recommended, but he ruled out that option.

They are kidney stones, we decided not to have surgeryWe are going to do it with treatment, that’s how we are right now,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, the renowned actor and television host suffered an accident that limited his mobility for several weeks.

“It started to rain, they had painted the floor and I slipped, but that’s how accidents happen, in a second,” he recalled.

Aware that his state of health could delay the recording of the soap opera in which he was assuming a leading role at that time, Laguardia confessed that he had to overcome the pain in his body to go out and record the scenes where he had to participate.

“We could not delay production and we are very happy because the series turned out very well,” he stressed.

It is striking that in addition to his work as an actor, Ernesto Laguardia continues to develop his facet as a businessman and to close the year with a flourish, recently opened an entertainment center in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, where it will offer an entertainment alternative through comedy shows and DJ music dedicated to the new generations of young people accustomed to having fun.

“I am very happy, above all it is fun with a lot of money invested giving sources of work,” he concluded.

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