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Erika Persson reveals: had agreement with Bianca Ingrosso before BIANCA

Gunilla Persson’s daughter Erika was one of the guests in Saturday’s episode of Bianca Ingrosso’s talk show BIANCA. Now Erika reveals to Happened that she and Ingrosso had a special agreement before the recording started.

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In Saturday’s episode of BIANCA, the show was hosted by the podcast duo Edvin Törnblom and Johanna Nordström, the TV personality and YouTuber Vegard Harm, and Gunilla Persson’s daughter, Erika Persson.

Erika Persson on the controversial clip: “Regret nothing”

Erika Persson is hardly new to television: thanks to her mother Gunilla, she appeared in the box for the first time when she appeared in the reality series as an eight-year-old Swedish Hollywood wives. Erika’s participation in the series gave rise to a lot of criticism as many viewers felt that Gunilla pushed her daughter too hard in her ambition to make her a singing star – in one episode, for example, Erika feels bad and vomits at an audition, after which Gunilla claims that it is Jesus who makes her vomit.

When Bianca Ingrosso interviews Erika, she says that she does not cherish those experiences today:

“It was so long ago. It had a greater effect on me when I got older, when you’re that young you don’t really understand it. I live in the USA and go to school there. If I had lived in Sweden, it would have been different, I would probably have been more influenced by the headlines that were written when I was little,” she says according to Female.

She continues: “I am grateful for everything, I regret nothing. I don’t knead things. I look at life holistically and am grateful for the opportunities and lessons the series gave me. It helped me grow, spiritually, into who I am today.”

Had an arrangement with Bianca Ingrosso

Although Erika has been on television since childhood, she had never been on a talk show before her participation in BIANCA. For Happened she says that she and Ingrosso therefore had an agreement:

“Since I had never been on a talk show before, I asked to know in advance roughly what topics we would talk about. I was very careful about it because I didn’t want to get questions I didn’t want to answer,” says Erika.

She also describes Bianca as “respectful and kind”:

“It was great fun, she was very respectful and kind to me. I had never been on a talk show before and I didn’t really know how to behave. But I think Bianca was a good presenter.”

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