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Erika Cruz complies with the weigh-in and is ready to fight Amanda Serrano in a unification match at Madison Square Garden

Mexican boxer Erika Cruz speaks during an interview with EFE.

Photo: Sáshenka Gutiérrez / EFE

Erika Cruz weighed 125.4 pounds as well as Puerto Rican Amanda Serrano and they are ready for the fight at Madison Square Garden, and in which both boxers are confident in themselves to achieve the result and thus concretize the unification of the belts feather.

Erika Cruz was very confident after having passed the weight. “I’m already calm because the weight is always the most difficult. Everything went smoothly, I feel very good, focused. We are going to really want it because Mexico is going to make history“Said the boxer from Mexico City.

The Mexican assured that the legendary Puerto Rican boxer wanted to intimidate her and make her weaken with her mind, however Cruz did not fall for her game. “I think he’s going to come out and intimidate me, but I’m going to respond in kind. I’m not scared. I didn’t come to finish a 10 round fight, I came to win“, said.

For his part, Amanda Serrano expects a real war inside the ring as she aspires to become the first undisputed Puerto Rican champion. It should be noted that Serrano will wear a uniform alluding to her country, on what she hopes will be a great day for her and all Puerto Ricans.

This billboard bears the name “Indisputable” and will also feature nine more bouts, the star being that of Serrano against Cruz.

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