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Erika Buenfil: This is how radiant the actress looks without a drop of makeup

The Mexican actress Erika Buenfil caused a stir on social media thanks to one of his most recent posts on social mediasince like few celebrities, she dared to appear natural and without a drop of makeup.

This feat occurred through his Instagram stories this Thursday morning while he was going to the recording set of the new melodrama in which he participates, “Forgive our sins.”

In the image, Erika Buenfil can be seen from the comfort of her car while smiling and staring at the camera. In addition, on her face rest some patches that she used in order to hydrate her skin.

One of the aspects that stood out in the image was the appearance of a clean face and without a drop of makeup that allowed her skin to breathe and yeHe saw that although the passage of time has become visible through his face, he is not afraid to appear natural in front of his fans.

We cannot forget that recently the actress unleashed a furor among her digital community thanks to the photo of the memory that she recently shared. The postcard shows a 39-year-old Erika Buenfil, while she played ‘Dalia Marcelín’ in the Televisa melodrama “Así son ellas”.

The image did not take long to cause a stir and touch the hearts of those who followed the story closely during its premiere in 2002.

Dahlia Marcelin. Perfection on Earth #Asísonellas is an excellent soap opera”; “Dalia Marcelin, how can I forget this lawyer, rude, cold, apparently without feelings, calculating and practical, the strong one, the iron one” and “Beauty”, are some of the messages that are read on the net.

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