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Erika Buenfil sends a message to Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín after spreading their separation

Yes ok, Erika Buenfil was reluctant to comment on the break between Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín Before the press, the actress was finally convinced and expressed all her support to the famous couple, after almost 23 years of marriage.

In a meeting with various media outlets, when leaving the Televisa San Ángel facilities in Mexico City, “La Reina del TikTok” spoke about the subject.

“I am not the one to comment on absolutely anything, the only thing I want to say is that I am with Andrea, with Erik, with both of them. The decisions they have made do not matter to me, and it is good that they are fine, “said the actress.

“I think it was a decision made from the heart to be well with them, that they are well, a hug and that this process, which is not easy, passes quickly,” added the famous.

Erika Buenfil revealed that such situations “hurt terribly”

Erika Buenfil also spoke about the difficulty in going through this type of situation being a public figure and also having to make them known to public opinion.

“It is very difficult, and these are very difficult moments because finally we as people and as we also have our conflicts, and sometimes you don’t want to share them, and suddenly there is someone who finds out and tells it in a very simple, easy, and fast way. ”, confessed the actress.

“They hurt terribly, it is terrible, difficult, sometimes our commitment is to give the explanation as far as we want, but not to go through it over and over again because every time one talks about it, it hurts. I have experienced it in personal situations that were involved when I was a mother, and whose [era el papá] and it was horrible,” he added.

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