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Eric del Castillo, Kate del Castillo’s father, explodes against the media: “they are killing me” | VIDEO

Much is still being said about the health of Mr. Eric del Castillofamous actor and father of the also Mexican actress, Kate del Castillo. But this time some media would have crossed limits that made the renowned actor of “The Lie” angry

This time Don Eric, who was recognized for various roles in Mexican cinema as “Azahares Rojos”, exploded against the press because he was annoyed that some claim that he has senile dementia. Since in the words of the actor himself he is in very good health.

On the YouTube channel of the communicator, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the interview with Del Castillo was shared, where the father of the protagonist of the “Queen of the South”, He reiterated that it was only the cause of a misunderstanding, a distraction he had when seeing his daughter and not a health problem.

“I’m not insane gosh! I’ve been told a lot of stupid things that really gives me a lot of courage. They are constantly killing me, that I am sick, that I am screwed and it is not true; I just finished a pretty good soap opera. These people even publish my photograph and the coffin, what are they after? I tell those people that everything is reversed. I am very blessed be God and if they want to come here to my house they can see me ”


How did the rumors of a possible illness of Don Eric del Castillo arise?

Speculations that the 88-year-old actor suffers from senile dementia began when the protagonist of “La Reina del Sur” shared a video on her social networks.

In which he showed how he surprised his parents with his visit to Mexico, however, Although it was a very emotional moment for his wife Kate Trujillo, the actor did not recognize his own daughter.

From that moment on, it has been said that the heartthrob of the Golden Age has health problems due to his advanced age.

“Look what happens is that Kate caught us by surprise. I had been thinking about other things and I thought that she was a very similar niece of my wife”.


For his part, The actor stressed that he currently has a flu that caused him the low temperatures of the winter seasonHowever, he constantly undergoes medical check-ups.

“I’m going to have some routine tests done, for prostate antigen, which I do every 3 months,” explained the actor to reassure his fans, who were concerned due to the different versions circulating on the internet.

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