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Entrepreneur Portal – www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br

MEI Entrepreneur Portal it is a very useful site with a lot of important information for all individual entrepreneurs, there you will be able to carry out a series of options that are important such as your formalization, among other things, here we will indicate how you can get in contact with the entity and clear your doubts about what you need.

Access the Entrepreneur Portal for more information (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Entrepreneur Portal – www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br

The site portaldoempreendedor.gov.br has information for entrepreneurs who have their own small businesses. You can find everything from regularization information to obligations.

For those who don’t know, the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) is that small entrepreneur who has his own business, whatever it may be, and has an annual turnover of a maximum of R$60,000.00 and does not have any participation in another company as a partner or owner.

By accessing the entrepreneur’s portal https://www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br and becoming formal, you can gain access to benefits that can help you a lot to enter the business market.

By accessing www.portaldoempreendedor.gov.br you will find all the services and subjects related to the MEI Services, you will find details about the subject and also information for the procedures.

See below how to do it services on the MEI Entrepreneur Portal website??

  • How to formalize registration in the MEI – For you who are microentrepreneurs and want to formalize your profession to guarantee all rights and duties, visit the link MEI registration and fill out the application form. If you don’t know if your profession guarantees you registration, visit the link and check it out Professions Accepted at MEI??
  • Monthly Payment (MEI Card) – If you are already registered and want to pay the MEI card, access the link MEI Card and be up to date with your obligations.
  • MEI certificate – To access your MEI certificate, access the link MEI certificate and follow the instructions.

What is MEI?

MEI is the acronym for Individual Microentrepreneur?? It is a simplified business model with the aim of facilitating and formalizing people who work autonomously.

To apply for MEI, it is necessary to comply with the requirements as well as the company’s annual billing limit, not exceed the number of hiring employees and inform the economic activity that will be carried out.

MEI can have a maximum annual turnover of R$ 81 thousand reais.

The MEI individual microentrepreneur can have a maximum of 1 (one) hiring employee.

The MEI must also fit the activities carried out, to know the complete list access www.gov.br/atividades-permitidas

Other requirements that cannot make the MEI application:

  • not having partners in the business being opened;
  • not have another company open in your name;
  • not participate in another business, either as a partner or as an administrator.

Entrepreneur channel Sebrae

Another very interesting website is the SEBRAE entrepreneur website. Through the website you will also be able to find some useful information and also courses for those who want to specialize in entrepreneurship and achieve success, it is worth visiting the website and consulting this information.

We will indicate the links of both sites so that you can make your queries and to be able to extract more information about the resources that the company has to offer you, follow the telephone numbers:

Questions about the program or filling out the forms?


Call Center: 0800 570 0800

Questions about INSS benefits?

Telephone service: 135

Registration in MEI – Individual Microentrepreneur

Now that you know the information about the Entrepreneur’s Portal, it’s time to learn how to be an individual micro-entrepreneur. There are two ways to register MEI, see below how:

1 – To make your MEI registration, access the link Registration Formalization and enter the requested information. Once this is done, you receive the CNPJ numbers and your registration with the Board of Trade.

2 – The other way is through accounting firms that opt ​​for Simples Nacional. Companies will be responsible for formalizing their registration and will make the first annual declaration.

The costs of the entrepreneur after the processes made will be:

  • R$46.85 per month for social security (this amount represents 5% of the minimum wage, where it is readjusted annually).
  • R$1.00 monthly for the state, if the entrepreneur has commercial or industrial activities.
  • R$5.00 per month for the municipality when the activities are of service provision.

Go HERE to find out more information.

Access the online services of the Entrepreneur Portal (Photo: Disclosure)

Access the online services of the Entrepreneur Portal (Photo: Disclosure)

Entrepreneur portal online services

The entrepreneur’s portal system has several online services for those who are looking to learn more about entrepreneurship, thinking about opening a company, or even wanting to obtain a specific document about their CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities).

The entrepreneur’s door offers the following services to users: Negative Certificates, Registration Proofs, Sebrae and the Brazilian Technical Response Service. Each of these services has technical specifications and if you want to ask questions, you can visit the entrepreneur’s website.

In negative certificates, for example, you can look for the document that has to do with the Federal Revenue of Brazil, with the INSS – Social Security, with the FGTS – Caixa Econômica Federal, on Labor Debts and the State Treasury Departments.

Through the portal, it is possible to learn more about the Individual Microentrepreneur system, as Sebrae has prepared specific and explanatory content for those who still do not know the system and cannot imagine where to start to have their own business.

The course offered by Sebrae in EAD format aims to make informal workers aware of the importance of legalizing their company and also the benefits, all provided for in the Law.

To learn more, visit the MEI website (Photo: Disclosure)

Through the site you can use services for the Individual Micro Entrepreneur (Photo: Disclosure)

Simples Nacional Annual Statement

To make the annual Simples Nacional declaration, the entrepreneur can go to the same MEI page and click on the blue DASN-SIMEI icon. You will then be redirected to make the declaration through the Simples Nacional system. There, you will have to enter your CNPJ and the codes that appear on the side. Following the steps indicated you will have access to your document without problems.

If you are unable to do so, contact the entrepreneurs portal team or seek help from a professional who specializes in these documents, in this case an accountant. He is the best person to check the legality of the company, whether or not there is a problem in the register and, if so, how to resolve it.

Remember that all information must be filled in clearly to avoid errors and confusion in the documentation later. In the entrepreneur’s own portal it is possible to change data and any error, do it immediately to avoid problems.

The website’s frequently asked questions also provide easy-to-understand information. There you can get answers about simple situations on the site, how you can solve a certain problem or solve specific doubts. In addition, you can also click on contact us to send your message.


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