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engine and fuel consumption

At the automaker’s dealerships, the Hyundai HB20S 2022 sedan is now available. This sedan, considered compact and with the promise of good fuel consumption, has prices from R $ 73,190 to R $ 100,590. The model is produced in the city of Piracicaba, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, and it is already possible to add more than 20,681 registrations this year alone.

What this article covers:

Hyundai HB20S 2022: versions and prices

The new HB20S is a sedan version and for those interested, prices can go from R $ 55,390 to R $ 81,290. As for the new HB20X, the brand’s adventurous model, prices can range from R$62,990 to R$79,590. Currently, the Hyundai HB20S is the sedan with the highest sales in the country, according to fenabravethis model has already sold 1,716 items in the month of October alone.

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The new HB20S no longer has any connection with its predecessor. The old model stopped being produced by the brand, and is no longer offered. The new line comes with a 5-year factory warranty, considered quite long for the entire segment.

Check below the table of your current values ​​of the Hyundai HB20 sedan and its model variations (without adding options):

Vision 1.0 flex MT – BRL 66,790

Evolution 1.0 flex MT – BRL 77,190

Platinum 1.0 TGDI MT – BRL 87,590

Platinum 1.0 TGDI AT – BRL 93,690

Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI AT – BRL 100,590

Hyundai HB20S 2022: Engines

All models in the Vision and Evolution line are built with a 1.0 flex engine. The power of these engines is 75 or 80 hp, with gasoline or ethanol, and also 92 or 110 Nm of torque affiliated to the 5-speed manual transmission.

The most expensive alternatives of the entire line, which are the Platinum 1.0 TGDI MT, TGDI AT and PLUS, offer 120 hp and 172 Nm with both fuels, in which case the exchange can be used automatically or even manually. All of the Platinum line have 6 gears.

Hyundai HB20S 2022: Fuel Consumption

There is not much variation when we talk about fuel consumption of the Hyundai HB20 sedan line. To calculate the average value consumed by the LINE, we used the values ​​released by the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program (PBEV), created by Inmetro. See below:

Vision 1.0 MT – 13.7 km/l (petrol) 9.6 km/l (ethanol)

Evolution 1.0 MT – 13.7 km/l (petrol) 9.6 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum 1.0 TGDI MT – 13.6 km/l (petrol) 9.8 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum 1.0 TGDI AT – 12.1 km/l (petrol) 8.0 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI MT – 12.1 km/l (petrol) 8.0 km/l (ethanol)

Vision 1.0 MT – 15.7 km/l (petrol) 11.1 km/l (ethanol)

Evolution 1.0 MT – 15.7 km/l (petrol) 11.1 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum 1.0 TGDI MT – 16.0 km/l (petrol) 11.6 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum 1.0 TGDI AT – 15.3 km/l (petrol) 10.8 km/l (ethanol)

Platinum Plus 1.0 TGDI MT – 15.3 km/l (petrol) 10.8 km/l (ethanol)

Even for entry-level versions, such as the Vision and Evolution, air conditioning, adjustment for the driver’s seat, analog panel, progressive power steering and other sound system features are offered. To the alternatives inserted at the top of this line, an extensive BlueLink system is added. This system is capable of managing the car even from a distance, all by cell phone.

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