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Energetic portal 3/23/23: manifestation ritual to bring your desires to life

The portal that the universe opens this Thursday, March 23, 2023 It is perfect for expressing our desires and the best way to take advantage of it is through a ritual. On this date there is a connection between the earthly and spiritual world, so it is time to use this energy to make the changes we want in our lives.

According to astrology, the portal 3/23/23 is one of the most important of the year because it coincides with one of the most transcendental events of our generation: the entry of Pluto into Aquarius, a transit that had not occurred since 1798.

Pluto is the ruling star of death, evolution and transformation, while Aquarius is progressive, innovative and rebellious. When these two unite, they unleash an energy capable of changing our perspective on the world, and it just happens at the 3/23/23 portal..

For this reason, now it is the most important thing to give a boost to our desires because the conditions are there to make them come true.

Portal Ritual 3/23/23

For this ritual we will need a handful of rice, lentils, 7 coins, 7 cloves, 7 bay leaves, ground cinnamon and rosemary. Don’t rush to get all the ingredients today, the portal will be open for 28 daysso you have all this time to carry out this ritual, however, it is more powerful if you do it this Thursday.

Before beginning the Syrian SomosOhlala.com, which suggests the ritual, recommends meditating for a few minutes to relax and tune your energy with that of the universe. You can help yourself by lighting an incense or a candle.

Now in a container put the rice, the lentils, the 7 coins, the cloves and the 7 bay leaves, all in that order. At the end spread the cinnamon powder and rosemary.

Take the container with both hands to channel your energy to all the elements. She closes her eyes and thinks about the desire that you want to materialize. Visualize that it has been fulfilled and imagine how you would feel once you see it done. Open your eyes and thank the universe 3 times.

Place this container in your room or in the place furthest from your front door and leave it until the portal closes, that is, until the next new moon on April 20.

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