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Endeavor will help entrepreneurs raise seed capital • ENTER.CO

Endeavor Colombia launches the ‘Search for Capital’ program to help entrepreneurs seeking to raise seed capital.

One of the first problems that entrepreneurs face is finding the financing to start their projects. Many with good business ideas have never been presented to an investor.

According to Endeavor Colombia, the entrepreneurship network in our country, many entrepreneurs are unaware of the process to access seed capital. What documentation must they gather? What requirements must they meet? How to introduce yourself to a potential investor?

This is why, through the ‘Search for Capital’ program, Endeavor will accompany 10 technology-based startups to train them on how to raise capital.

The program will be a pilot that will initially focus in entrepreneurs who are in their first stage of seeking capital, those who hope to finance themselves with pre-seed or seed capital.

The selected startups will have nine group sessions where they will receive advice regarding strategies for seeking capital, financial plan, valuation and everything related to how to seek financing. Afterwards, they will access three individual mentorships in which they will seek to develop a strategic plan to search for capital. These mentorships can be taken up to a month after the end of the program.

Additionally, in December the program will send the One Pager of the participating companies to potential groups of angel investors in order to connect entrepreneurs with potential investors.

Registration for the program is open until October 7. Those interested in participating can apply at this link.

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