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Endeavor celebrates 15 years in Colombia • ENTER.CO

Endeavor, the global entrepreneurship network, celebrates 15 years of presence in Colombia with a more than favorable balance for the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Endeavor is the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world. Currently It is present in 40 markets and has created a global community of 2,225 entrepreneurs who lead 1,384 companies. The network was created in 1997 by Linda Rottenberg and Peter Kellner with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship in emerging countries to contribute to the development of economies.

In our country it has existed for 15 years and this month, along with celebrating its anniversary, it also celebrates the inclusion of its members number 100 and 101. In Colombia They have evaluated more than 2,500 creators of new businesses, they have carried out 48 local selection panels in which more than 280 entrepreneurs have participated. The 101 entrepreneurs that are part of its network have generated revenues of $6.345 billion dollars.

«15 years ago the words entrepreneurship or entrepreneur were hardly used. The ecosystem to support startups or young and innovative companies did not really exist. In 15 years, Endeavor has contributed significantly to promoting and extolling what is today an extremely dynamic, innovative and crowded ecosystem, generating resounding successes for its entrepreneurs in the country and in the region, inspiring a whole new generation to undertake.” explains Diana Gómez Kopp, the woman who brought Endeavor to the country.

The network has been fundamental in supporting the growth of startups and technological ventures in the country. The mentoring and financial support programs have made Colombia recognized as a strong country in entrepreneurship. This is how, according to network data, Endeavor mentors have given 15,925 hours to mentoring spaces.

«In these 15 years of Endeavor, of which 8 years I have been part of the team, this community of entrepreneurs, mentors and all those who support us have shown us that it is very worth dedicating effort to creating your own paths, that admiring the work of others it is the inspiration to do something even more challenging and that time is not something that goes against the results, but it is the opportunity to climb more safely” said Camila Salamanca, executive director at Endeavor Colombia.

Endeavor recently named Brynne McNulty Rojas and Sebastián Noguera de Habi as its 100th and 101st members in Colombia. By the end of 2020, the country’s Endeavor Entrepreneurs generated more than 215,000 direct and indirect jobs, $4.8 billion pesos in income and managed to raise capital for $194.5 million dollars.

The networks of entrepreneurs, the support and accompaniment programs are achieving not only strengthening the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also the reactivation and economic recovery after the blow caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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