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End of the crisis? Capitalists invest in cryptocurrencies • ENTER.CO

The end of the cryptocurrency debacle may be just around the corner. Venture capitalists are ramping up their investments in digital currencies and blockchain startups. This could top last year’s record.

In the first half of this year 2022 alone, capitalists invested a total of 17.5 billion dollars, according to data provided by PitchBook. At this value, the investment is about to surpass the record $26.9 billion that was raised last year, proving that it is a warmer and happier time for bitcoin and company. It is clear that current market conditions do not confuse investors, there is massively available capital.

Equity funds are financing start-ups that they believe have good growth prospects. This shows that there is an intact faith in the world of crypto and blockchain technology. Despite the six dark months for this industry.

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So far this year, Bitcoin has plunged by at least 65%. Product of adverse macroeconomic conditions. Last year’s valuation records have fallen by two-thirds to $1 trillion. Despite the confidence of many investors, some are not so optimistic.

David Siemer, CEO of Wave Financial, believes the signs of a reversal in the valuation of cryptocurrency companies. He estimates that this will get much worse because the previous cycle lasted 12 months. However, the United States has been the central hub for venture capital investments. Until June of this year, investments have been made in the order of $11.4 billion dollars. Last year’s total was $15.6 billion. So it’s no wonder cryptocurrencies are on a funding boom.

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