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End of heat protection? Here’s the housewife trick that will save your hair

Flattening your hair without heat protection is not recommended – so what do you do when you run out of heat protection and need to style your hair? The answer may be in your kitchen cupboard!

Photo: Instagram @mariaaiellohair

Protecting hair from heat is probably the most important thing we can do to maintain the health and appearance of our hair.

Heat protection forms a protective layer on the surface of the hair strands, which greatly reduces the damage that high temperatures can do to your hair. In addition, heat protection can seal in the hair’s natural moisture and smooth the surface, providing increased shine.

But what do you do if you have run out of heat protection at home and need to straighten your hair? Hairstylist and influencer Maria Aiello has a trick for those of you who don’t have time to run out and buy heat protection before styling your hair with a straightener: parchment paper!

So you do

In a video that currently has 1.5 million views, Aiello demonstrates the clever trick. She tears off a piece of baking paper, folds it lengthwise and places it around the loop of hair she wants to style. She then flattens the hair, which is surrounded by the baking paper – and the result is smooth and neat.

Check out Aiello’s video below!

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