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AICEP Academy courses provide companies and entrepreneurs with essential knowledge for the internationalization process.

Information plays a key role in the internationalization process and AICEP Academy courses are a way of sharing that knowledge with people and companies looking to grow through export.

Exporting implies taking new paths, but also knowing the rules, legal provisions, concepts and strategies that facilitate the path and give more security at each stage. How to guarantee access to all this information, especially at a time when everything changes so quickly?

The AICEP Academy courses are designed and structured to respond to the needs of companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of the stage of the internationalization process they are in.

Thus, you will find courses specially dedicated to each of these phases:

  • Initiation to Export;
  • Market Selection,
  • Market Entry
  • Development (training to strengthen the competitiveness of companies).

Online courses, workshops and specialized and advanced training are just some of the training tools that allow you to explore these clusters.

The courses at the AICEP Academy also address transversal areas essential to the competitiveness of companies, such as International Trade Agreements, Project Management, Branding or Sustainability.

Adapting to the pace and time of each trainee, the training offer (in person or on a e-learning) is broad and ranges from short sessions to courses over 100 hours. The seminars and conferences promoted by the AICEP Academy are also a source of useful information and knowledge at all stages of internationalization.

To find out about the AICEP Academy courses and find out how AICEP can support your internationalization process, find in this article on Portugal Export websitemore information about the training available, as well as the advantages of these courses.

AICEP Academy: training for internationalization

Training is essential to the success of exporting companies. To support your company in the internationalization process, we created the AICEP Academy, specialized in business training for the challenges of internationalization. Learn how it works.

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