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Employer has 3 days to pay overdue FGTS installments

Around 100,000 employers who submitted the suspension of FGTS payments between May and August will have to pay the first postponed installment next Monday (6). The suspension of payment will be in installments until December 2021.

Provisional measure 1,046/21 implemented a four-month suspension of contributions to the FGTS to help companies affected by the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of the year. The measure helped retain around 7 million jobs, according to Caixa.

What this article covers:

What does MP 1,046 / 2021 deal with?

Provisional measure 1046 allowed the employer to suspend the collection of the FGTS between April and July, without incurring fines or losses. These payments will be made in installments between September and December and will not affect the standardization of the FGTS by the company.

Source/Reproduction: gov.br

The installment will be charged on the 7th of each month, the first charge will be in September. If the payment date is a non-business day, its due date must be brought forward to the first previous business day.

The payment will be made in four installments and must be paid between September and December.

What are the consequences for the employer who does not collect the FGTS within the specified period?

Employers who do not regularize their FGTS situation will not be able to issue the CRF, which is a certificate that confirms their regular situation. If payment is made after September 6, a late fee will be charged. THE Box recommends that the employer visit the bank’s website in advance to obtain all the necessary information.

Can the worker have access to information regarding the collection of the FGTS?

Workers can access the information through the FGTS application or the website. If deposits from April to July are not included, the employee must contact his employer and find out if he has adhered to the suspension of payments in accordance with MP 1046. If the employer confirms the choice to suspend, the worker must continue monitoring, as the amount will be paid in the coming months.

To get the information on the site, the worker needs to register. He must inform the NIS or his CPF and click on “Register Password”, then read the terms of service and press “I accept”. You will need to enter your personal information and then define a password, after that, you will return to the login screen and just enter your NIS or CPF and enter the previously defined password. Once logged in, it will be possible to check the available balance. Another form of consultation is through SMS sent to the employee’s cell phone free of charge.

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