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Emmanuel Horvilleur will be a father and he announced it in a very funny way

Emmanuel Horvilleur of the Colombian band Don Tetto arrives at the 7th Annual Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2008

Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

The Argentine musician Emmanuel Horvilleur is turning 48 years old in the midst of good news.

The singer celebrated his birthday in style by announcing that he would be a father, in addition to a very funny way

First, it’s time to talk about your professional life. He is known for being part of the group Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas along with to his friend Dante Spinetta.

He was a member of this duo for more than a decade (from 1990 to 2021) and with Spinetta he would release seven albums until the aforementioned year, the date the band broke up.

The first disc of Ilya Kuryaki and the Valderramas was published when Emmanuel was 16 years old and was called I make leather. The album has influences from both rock and rap and oriental cinema.

In 2001 Emmanuel began recording the songs that would make up his solo album and it was finally completed during the first months of 2003, under the name of Music and delirium.

An album that has more than 15 songs with a clear funk and rock influence. “I’m your baby”, was the first broadcast cut of a song that he himself said was “in transition”.

In 2003 he met Celeste Cid, who would later become the mother of his son. André Horvilleur, who was born in 2004.

It was in that year that the filming of the film began. Yok movie, where he played a murderer who falls in love with Susana Giménez. And it was also in 2004 that he recorded an EP entitled Mimosa, which had the homonymous song as a single, made in collaboration with Adrián Dárgelos, vocalist of Babasónicos.

The album is completed by three other songs: Psychedelic Cumbia, Malevo and Smell Like Body.

The return of IKV took place in 2012, who released the album Chances with Dante. In 2013, being part of the band, she won the Latin Grammy for “Best Urban Song”. In 2016 they released the second album since their return, which was named after LHON And for 2017 he released the single El hit, which was the first cut of the new solo album he released in 2018.

Curious way of announcing that he will be a father

Returning to the main theme of this work, he launched the announcement that he would be a father in full World Cup festivities. He reported it through his Instagram account.

Horvilleur He uploaded a photo in which he is seen with his hand on the belly of his girlfriend Evangelina Bourbon.

This while they were celebrating in the streets of Buenos Aires the World Cup that their country won in days gone by.

“Tummy, Argentina”he wrote and accompanied the phrase with heart emoticons, wasting all the joy he feels for this new stage.

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