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Eminem turned down $8 million to perform at the World Cup in Qatar

Eminem at one of the Detroit Lions games.

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Eminem was able to earn $8,000,000 dollars for acting for a few minutes at the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, but it was not like that, Marshall Mathers III, the rapper’s real name, decided that it was not an option, despite the juicy offer of the organizing committee of the sports fair.

50 Cent revealed in a radio interview that the financial proposal was actually $9,000,000 dollars for the two of them to act together after the great impact that both had after their presentation at the halftime of the Super Bowl last year with Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak.

“I would have stayed with one and then the other eight would have been for him“, shared the interpreter of ‘In da Club’, on the radio program ‘Big Boy’s Neighborhood’ on the Real 92.3 radio station, one of the most listened to broadcasts.

50 Cent indicated that he found it a very attractive proposal, for this reason, the 47-year-old rapper did his best to negotiate with the team of representatives of the protagonist ‘8 Mile’, but the latter was not willing to cooperate. According to the singer, Eminem did not explain why he rejected the millions offered.

The organizing committee of the World Cup in Qatar struggled to get artists to perform at the inauguration, since many refused due to the accusations of violation of human rights by the host country against its citizens, but it is not known if Marshall refused to act on those grounds.

So far, Eminem has not issued any position on the subject based on what his friend and rap colleague said, with whom he has shared the stage at various times in his career. Beyond this, both singers already have plans for this year.

On the show, 50 Cent revealed that the two are working to launch a series based on the movie ‘8 Mile,’ which hit theaters 20 years ago. The film impacted the public, since he narrated a little how it was Marshall Mathers III’s life before he was famous. At the moment, the also actor, did not give more details.

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