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Emily Ratajkowski and the interesting asymmetrical look that has the networks talking

Emily Ratajkowski.

Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Once again, Emily Ratajkowski He gave something to talk about with one of the outfits that he chose to visit the Sony studios in New York. And it is that in addition to showing off her stunning figure, it was a set that another famous woman had previously worn. How did the public react? Here we tell you the details.

It was from Twitter and Instagram that various images of the protagonist of “Music, friends and party” were disseminated as she walked through the ‘big apple’ and set trends with a look that stole attention.

We are talking about a tailored set of blazer and mini skirt with a dangerous opening in gray; It should be noted that these pieces did nothing more than reveal his flat abdomen and shapely legs. The outfit was complemented by black over-the-knee socks and white tennis shoes.

Just a few hours after these postcards made their debut on social networks, Internet users were quick to point out that Emily Ratajkowski’s outfit had already been worn by another celebrity, specifically the model Bella Hadid.

As expected, the comparisons between the two figures in the show spread like wildfire and while some cataloged Ratajkowski as the best dressed, others pointed out that Gigi Hadid’s sister looked “more sophisticated”.

Regardless of the bickering, the founder of ‘Inamorata’ has ignored the accusations. In her place, she has taken the opportunity to share dozens of postcards from the beach, the place where she welcomed 2023 in the company of several friends.

Yes indeed, The absence of comedian Pete Davidson went unnoticed by no onewith whom he was romantically related at the end of last 2022.

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