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Emilio Azcárraga Jean presses for Miguel Herrera to direct the Mexican National Team, according to David Faitelson

Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera, Mexican coach.

Photo: Imelda Medina / Imago7

The days go by and it is not yet known who will be the coach who will take the reins of the Mexico national team after the departure of Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino. Analysts, soccer personalities and the press have spent almost two months discussing the possibilities in El Tri.

Meanwhile, in the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) the directors remain hermetic about the options they are discussing for the coach, however, information has leaked in recent weeks and several candidates appear.

On this occasion, the sports journalist David Faitelson has hit the table by assuring that The owner of the position has a first and last name: Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera. The one pressing for this to come true is the tycoon and owner of Club América, Emilio Azcárraga Jean, who has great influence in the Mexican Federation as part of the Liga MX owners commission.

“He is the strongest candidate, Miguel Herrera. He has worked for that same group, they know him and he knows them,” Faitelson explained.

Despite the fact that a few days ago the interest in Santiago Baños being the new general sports director of the FMFFinally, the position will be filled by Rodrigo Ares de Parga, a manager with experience with the Pumas de la UNAM and Gallos Blancos del Querétaro.

According to Faitelson, Ares de Parga would present Piojo Herrera during February and the project he has in mind is one of seven years, which includes restructuring some aspects of the local league and the training of young promises from the basic forces.

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