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Emergency services warn that saving contacts with “AA” is useless

Many of us have the list of contacts on our mobile device headed by the typical “oh mom” either “oh dad“, TRUE?

It is no coincidence, since the Ministry of the Interior and the Red Cross recommended us back in 2009 that we signalize in this way the name of the person who should be alerted in case of an accident or emergency.

Emergency services cannot access the mobile

Well, despite the fact that a priori it may seem like a good system in case we find ourselves incapacitated, the truth is that it has too many gaps, because on too many occasions emergency services can’t even access phonebook contacts if the device is locked.

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Since nowadays everyone locks their smartphone with a code, this method is completely inefficient when put into practice. What should we do then?

The truth is that current smartphones offer an option, both for iOS as for Androidto notify your family and friends if you have an accident.

The operating systems themselves have an alternative incorporated that resolves this issue without the need to install any additional application.

How to prepare my mobile for an emergency?

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If your smartphone has an Android operating system, you must lock the screen. Once blocked you will see the option called «emergency«. Click on it and at the top you must press twice on «emergency information«.

In this section you can put any information that may be of interest such as your name, allergies or medical notes. And of course, you can add the contacts you want to be notified.

If you have an iPhone, you must access the ‘Health’ app and enter ‘Medical data«. There you can select the optionAdd emergency contact‘ and activate the option ‘View when locked‘.

Now you know how to be prepared for an emergency!

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