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Embarrassed to go to the gynecologist? 10 tips to overcome it!

You have ashamed to go to the gynecologist? If so, don’t worry, because this is totally normal and happens to most women who have never had or even had routine exams.

Shyness is something normal in our daily lives and can increase in situations where we have to “expose” ourselves.

In this sense, there is no place that causes more shame for women than going to the gynecologist.

However, this embarrassment is something that can be dealt with and you can put it aside when you go to see yourself. Therefore, we will show you 10 tips to overcome the embarrassment of going to a gynecologist!


What this article covers:

10 Tips to Overcome the Embarrassment of Going to the Gynecologist

The process of waiting for the gynecologist consultation is something that causes much more nervousness than the consultation itself. Yeah, they get anxious and nervous, causing the shame only increases.

So, to try to help you women to have a more peaceful consultation and lose your embarrassment over time, we’ve prepared 10 tips approved by several women during routine exams.

So, get to know the 10 tips to overcome the ashamed to go to the gynecologist🇧🇷

  1. Choose a female gynecologist;
  2. Choose a fixed private doctor;
  3. Relate to the gynecologist;
  4. Be honest about the symptoms;
  5. Expose any constraint;
  6. Know the exams;
  7. Go accompanied;
  8. Write down all questions and take them to the consultation;
  9. Get distracted while waiting;
  10. Get used to routine exams.

These tips vary by woman and personality, so practice which one you think might work for you and watch the results.

Now, for you to understand better, see how to practice some of these tips and lose ashamed to go to the gynecologist.

Choose to consult with a woman.

Many women feel uncomfortable when they go to see a man, and this is completely normal and not a problem. The choice of how and with whom to consult is yours.

So before booking the appointment, make sure it will be a woman who will perform the exams. In the case of a private doctor, look for a female gynecologist of your choice to conduct your exams.

Try to distract yourself in the waiting room.

After selecting a woman to perform the exams, you should certainly feel more comfortable to consult. However, especially during the wait, nervousness builds up and you start to worry.

Therefore, be prepared to wait and distract yourself with something, take magazines, newspapers or anything else to distract yourself and forget about the exam.

So you won’t pay so much attention to nervousness and relax.

Establish a relationship with your doctor.

Talk naturally with the doctor, create a relationship so that the tests you will have to perform are more natural from that moment on.

According to women, they feel more comfortable with professionals who can talk and relate amicably.

Talk to the doctor about any embarrassment.

If there is a situation that causes you discomfort, do not hide it from your Gynecologist and expose it so that it can be resolved.

In some cases where interns or assistants stay in the room, you can talk to your doctor about your embarrassment and the gynecologist will certainly solve it.

Try to talk everything about your health to the professional.

Especially in the first consultation, it is important that you talk about what is necessary and the most important thing about yourself, being the issue of health.

Tell the doctor everything you are feeling and make sure the appointment is quick, so you don’t allow shame to take place at that moment.

So, don’t be afraid, and don’t hide anything from the professional.

Research the exam steps.

The main reason for the patients’ embarrassment or concern is not knowing how the tests will be performed. So research before going to the gynecologist or ask your doctor.

Thus, you arrive more prepared and knowing exactly how the consultation will be. This makes your nervousness lessen and you relax more.

Whenever in doubt, look for reliable sources, research. This will help you a lot.

Final considerations

If you are a person who unfortunately was ashamed to go to the gynecologist, know that this is not a reason, as it is something essential and completely normal.

So, if you use these tips correctly, you will definitely stop being ashamed of going to the gynecologist.

Always put your health first.

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