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Emanuel Navarrete knocked out Liam Wilson and goes down in history as world champion in three divisions

Emanuel Vaquero Navarrete.

Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Emanuel el Vaquero Navarrete made history by knocking out Australian Liam Wilson in the Desert Diamond Arena from Arizona, to take the super featherweight belt and thus become together with Julio César Chávez, Érik Morales, Marco Barrera, among others, as the Mexican boxers who have reigned in three divisions; super bantamweight, featherweight and super featherweight.

Wilson appeared in this fight as a replacement for Óscar Valdez and he started with a lot of enthusiasm, so much so that he was about to knock out the Vaquero who with a lot of courage took the lawsuit forward and managed to define it by way of chloroform.

In the first and second rounds, both boxers had time to study each other.It cannot be said that there was a clear winner between the two, on the contrary, it was so even that it seemed like a tie at that point in the tough lawsuit.

In the third round, the Australian came out cautiously and waiting for Navarrete’s blows and movements until there was a frantic exchange of power blows between the two boxers. But already in the fourth round, the surprise occurred because Wilson knocked Navarrete down with a right hand and after a good combination of blows, which the Aztec boxer could withstand.

And so in the fifth round, the native of San Juan Zitlaltepec reacted and managed to fight again after receiving heavy punishment in the previous episode.However, the sixth round was the best up to that moment, both fighters had a counterpoint of blows that made everyone present rise from their seats.

The seventh and eighth episodes were for Emanuel Navarrete, the seventh being the assault of the night for the Mexican so far and that managed to mistreat the face of the Australian boxer. The eighth also went to El Vaquero who leveled the fight and took advantage.

But the Cowboy no longer wanted to wait any longer since he knew that tonight he had an appointment with history, which he decided to attend and through the knockout in the ninth round he managed to finish the fight. and thus enter the history of Mexican boxers who became world champions in three different divisions.

An explosive combat in which the Vaquero was able to demonstrate what he is made of and that he was able to move forward despite the hard moments that he lived within it, and that he managed to reverse based on claw, honor and the strong punch that characterizes him.

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