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Ely Blancarte: a queen of urban music in Mexico

Until now, Ely Blancarte can boast that she is one of the few Mexican singers who lead the urban music genre.

The irony of this case is that this girl born in Oregon has broken the mold from Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa, where she began her career and where banda music is the absolute queen.

“I’ve always been quite versatile thanks to my dad, who always played all kinds of music,” said the 26-year-old performer. “I’m very aware of hip hop, R&B, and I feel like urban complements that a lot.”

For now, Mexico cannot boast of being a powerhouse in the urban genre, like Colombia and —of course— Puerto Rico, but Ely is confident that little by little that situation will change.

While that happens, Ely works non-stop on various projects, such as “Plástico”, a single that he released in November, and “Teiki risi”, which came out a few days ago; both will be part of the EP that the artist plans to release this year.

She is also preparing her visit to Chile in February because she is one of the six artists chosen to compete at the Viña del Mar festival in the International Competition section; she will represent Mexico and will seek to win the Silver Seagull with her song “After Party”, which she will release a few days before.

Ely sings in English and Spanish “to make my double culture present.”

“I like it and it comes naturally to me,” he said. “That’s what comes to my mind.”

The career of this interpreter began when she was a girl, but it began formally when she was 15 years old. At that time, she was hired at local clubs in Mazatlán and to liven up social events.

Then social networks appeared and that’s when his fame exploded. Now her followers number in the millions, which now places her among the most influential urban music artists in the genre.

This 2023 he plans to go on tour in several countries and do many collaborations with prominent performers. He also plans to move to Miami because he believes that point is the epicenter of the genre that she interprets.

But the most important thing will be to “show what Ely is” on his new EP.

“There I feel that it will be a work where everything will be [de mí]”, said.

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