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Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend took advantage of her memories with the billionaire • ENTER.CO

Before Elon Musk was known worldwide for his companies: Tesla and Starlink, he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he had an affair with Jennifer Gwynne, another student from Pennsylvania. Now, Gwynne decided to take advantage of all the memories she has of and with the billionaire.

On September 13, Gwynne collected photos, gift cards and accessories such as necklaces and held an auction with which she managed to collect $165,000 euros. That was the sum of money that Gwynne expected to earn from the memorabilia that was sold out. It is presumed that Musk’s former partner made the decision to auction the memories in order to finance the studies of a relative.

Within the collection was a birthday card signed by the owner of Tesla that was sold for 16,666 euros, a gold necklace with a small emerald that he gave her and that was sold for 51,272 euros. It should be remembered that the couple separated in 1995 when Musk went to “try his luck” in California.

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“There is very little Elon Musk-related material that has ever sold at auction, and we will certainly see more soon with the success of this sale,” said Bobby Livingston, an executive at RR Auction, a famous Boston auction house, with which Gwynne “partnered” for the Musk Collection auction. But that was not the first sale of the billionaire’s items by the company.

Last month, RR Auction held a sale of works made by Elon Musk while he was in college. The sale managed to reach 7700 euros. The company also recently sold a prototype of the Apple-1 created and used by Steve Jobs. The prototype was sold for 680 euros.

Image: RR Auction

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