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Elo credit card: benefits and how it works

The Elo credit card offers some benefits to customers. The company Elo is only 11 years old, developed through a partnership of three national banks, with the objective of being a 100% national credit card brand.

It encountered some resistance at first, but today, it is already accepted in over 190 countries and already has more than 120 million cards issued among administrators.

The banner has several products that serve various types of customers, in this post, check out the benefits of the Elo credit card and how it works!

What this article covers:

What is the Elo credit card?

The Elo Credit Card is a financial product, the result of the union of three large banks: Bank of BrazilCaixa Econômica and Bradesco, with the aim of creating a completely national product.

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As it is considerably new compared to the others, as compared to Mastercard, for example, there may be places where it is still not accepted, despite having been on the market for over 10 years.

Elo credit card benefits

The Elo credit card has personal and business options as well. Below is a list of some personal Elo credit card types and their benefits:

  • Elo Grafite: provides the card’s basic benefits, such as travel insurance, free wifi, exclusive offers and prizes, among others;
  • Elo Nanquim: is one of the most complete modalities offered by the company, which has purchase protection insurance,
  • VIP at the main national airports, participation in pre-sale events, etc;
  • Elo Nanquim Diners Club: this is the most refined link offered to customers, with services such as: international travel chip,
  • Points that never expire, Elo Wi-fi application (where you have access to the internet in various places in Brazil and the world), and many others;
  • Elo Mais: this modality is the simplest of the company, but it also has its benefits, such as free wi-fi, boosted score, basic residential assistance, etc.;
  • Elo Basic Nacional: it is very good for customers with common financial profiles, customers of this brand can have benefits such as exclusive prizes, participation in show pre-sales, among other things;
  • Elo Basic International: this Elo credit card has the same services as the basic national one, with the difference that it can also be used internationally, in more than 190 territories.

As we have seen, the benefits of this card vary according to the modality.

How does the Elo card work?

The Elo credit card offers services for companies and individuals, divided into credit, debit and even prepaid modalities.

In the case of the credit modality, like any other brand, it is necessary to undergo an analysis, which is not done by the brand, but by the card administrator.

How to make an Elo credit card?

To make an Elo credit card, you need to get in touch with one of the card companies, as they issue the card.

How to Make a Credit Card

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While Elo creates and manages the brand, manages which establishment will be accepted and its transitions, the card administrators are the ones who carry out the collections, analyzes, limit definition, that is, they are in direct contact with the customer.

With this, it is necessary to choose and be in contact with the card administrator, to choose the one that will serve you best, as it also has benefits and advantages.

What is the Elo Card limit?

The limit is defined by Elo credit card administrators, so it may vary from one to another.

What is the initial limit?

Each type of Elo credit card has a specific initial limit, but who defines what the initial limit will be is the administrator that the customer will choose to issue the card.

As seen, there are numerous benefits available to customers who opt for the Elo brand. However, it is necessary for the holder to choose the service that will best meet his needs, so that he can enjoy its advantages and benefits, and so that the customer does not pay for what he will not use.

So, with a good research of your products and modalities, the customer will be able to make a good choice.

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