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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi renewed their wedding vows: Hollywood stars and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as guests

It was a surprise ceremony, in front of Hollywood stars and the Dukes of Sussex

Photo: Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images

In what was a surprise meeting, the American television presenter Ellen Degeneres he renewed vows with his girlfriend, Portia de Rossi.

De Rossi is an actress, model, and philanthropist who holds both Australian and American nationalities. She was born on January 31 in Horsham, Australia.

She is known for her role as lawyer Nelle Porter on the television series Ally McBeal and as Lindsay Bluth on the comedy Arrested Development.

But for this special occasion and with a mixture of disbelief on her face, the famous presenter was stunned when she realized that it was not her wife’s birthday celebration, but a surprise vow renewal.

These gestures of love were attended by famous guests, various Hollywood figures and the Dukes of Sussex and the complicity of Kris Jenner, who officiated the ceremony.

The event was last Tuesday at the mansion they both have in California, when the couple and a select group of loved ones gathered for what most thought was a celebration for the DeRossi’s 50.

This celebration became a romantic ceremony that commemorated the more than 14 years of marriage between the presenter and the actress.

The couple shared the intimacy of the celebration in a video that was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the now extinct The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In the images all this moment was recorded, when it began with the singer Brandi Carlile sang “The Hirst Title Ever I Saw Your Face”, Roberta Flack and De Rossi entered the ceremony walking among the guests wearing the same wedding dress she married in 2008.

This scene, many compared it to that of a movie, since the Australian smoothly walked the room in search of her love with a white dress with a halter neck.

It also had sanitary finishes and a tulle skirt that recalled the image of the golden days of Old Hollywood.

The bride wore her hair in an elegant bun, combined with a smile conducive to the occasion and surprise.

He arrived with a small bouquet of white roses in his hands and took his wife by the hand, who did not quite believe what she was experiencing.

Welcome to Portia’s birthday party and to the new house of one of my favorite couples”, Jenner then said to break the atmosphere of surprise. “My god,” she exclaimed several times, always incredulous, DeGeneres.

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