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Elizabeth Gutiérrez shows off her rear in the gym, wearing skintight blue leggings

It seems that to Elizabeth Gutierrez he really liked the video clip of the song “Flowers” of Miley Cyrus, who is shown in a sequence doing various exercises. So the actress decided to share in instagram a clip in which she appears in the gym, wearing tight blue leggings while performing her routines, with the singer’s theme as background music.

Elizabeth has always shown her love for exercise, and at 43 she has a spectacular figure. In other images and a video she appeared doing routines to develop the muscles of her abdomen, her legs and her arms, showing the results of her posing on her back.

Elizabeth is very happy in her facet as a host, in the program “Eyes of a Woman” of the Chanel AND!, which is already in its second season. She shares credits with Carla Medina, erika de la vega Y Chiky Bombomwith whom he gets along very well.

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