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Elizabeth Gutiérrez posed with William Levy on a special day and Internet users told her everything

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez separated in 2022, but this weekend they have been seen together celebrating the 17th birthday of their firstborn, Christopher. A family photograph of the actors sparked opinions of all kinds.

The person in charge of posting the image on Instagram was Elizabeth. The two actors appeared together with their eldest son and their youngest daughter, Kailey, 13, in a restaurant, all sitting very close and with faces of happiness for the moment they were sharing.

Celebrating our favorite boy. Happy Birthday my love. We are very proud of you and we love you very much. You bring a lot of happiness to our lives and you will always have your family applauding you, we will always be your number 1 fans,” the artist wrote to accompany the photo.

Without waiting long, Internet users began to react and leave messages, some of them bad, in the family publication dedicated to his son’s birthday.

“They came back again, for God’s sake! This seems to me that they just want to be talked about always. The same, they are getting tired!”; “Enough, woman! Wish to respect that, we all know that this man does not show off to you in networks… Stop begging for love and have self-love”; “If they have already returned, this would be the 500,000,000 (opportunity), which puts the horns on them and they return ”is read in several of the texts that users of the social network wrote to him.

Many others decided to defend Elizabeth and leave messages in support of the “reconciliation” that some suppose, as well as that she has a healthy relationship with the father of her children despite the separation as a couple.

“Beautiful family! Be happy and don’t read the writings of many poisonous women.”; “Nothing in exchange for this union. Where life begins, love never ends!”; “What I know is that she looks happy with her husband and that he is very hot”; “I love seeing you with William Levy, they make such a beautiful couple and they are an admirable family,” commented several of those who support the actress.

For his part, the actor did not post a current photo to congratulate his son. He decided to upload a snapshot of when Christopher was a little boy and slept on his chest.

“Happy birthday my champion. I love you. I’m very proud of you. God bless you always and take care of you. And that he always gives us a lot of health, ”wrote the soap opera heartthrob.

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