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Elizabeth Álvarez would keep a luxurious house if she separates from Jorge Salinas

The solidity of the marriage of actors Elizabeth Álvarez and Jorge Salinas has been put to the test after a few days ago The news leaked that the Mexican television heartthrob had been caught kissing a woman who apparently acted as his nutritionist.

Since then, various versions of the incident have emerged and even It is said that the couple is temporarily separated, something that the protagonist of the soap opera “Forgive our sins” rules out.

“I continue to live in my house, I continue to live with my family and that is all I have to tell them,” he recently said in an interview with TV Notas.

It should be noted that Elizabeth and Jorge have been married since 2011 and are the parents of eight-year-old twins Máxima and León.

Therefore, a legal separation of the couple would give the 45-year-old actress the chance to keep the luxurious house where her family currently lives, Well, due to maternity, she had to stay away from the stage for five years in which she stopped receiving income.

Through some videos and images that the beautiful woman from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, usually shares on social networks, the elegance and good taste that predominates in practically every corner of the home is observed.

The room is one of the most striking spaces for its comfort, spaciousness, the height of its ceiling of at least three meters and how well decorated the walls look with some works of art.

In addition, some sculptures enhance the elegant style adopted by the Salinas Álvarez family and that is also perceived in the dining room.

However, one of the favorite corners that the actress tends to present more is the kitchen, a place where everything looks impeccable for when she decides to unleash her culinary creativity.

The house also has a large garden, where family parties and gatherings with friends are frequently held.

For security reasons, the other areas of the property are often not shown, but it is noted that they are also fraught with glamour, as the couple likes the refined style.

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