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Elizabeth Álvarez melts the networks by showing how much her twins have grown with Jorge Salinas

Tremendous stir caused the soap opera actress elizabeth alvarez by involving her digital community in the incredible vacations she undertook with her twins, the result of her marriage to the also actor Jorge Salinas.

From her official Instagram account, the actress of melodramas such as “Corazón Indomable”, “Amorcito Corazón” and “La Herencia” published a carousel of images in which He stood out not only for the stunning scenarios he presented, but also for the pleasant company he had.

And it is that the wife of Elizabeth Álvarez posed very smiling from the sea and a luxurious restaurant with a beach air in the company of her twins León and Máxima Salinas, the fruit of her marriage to Jorge Salinas.

One of the reasons why the public was moved was how much the couple’s children have grown, because it seems that it was yesterday when the couple presented the little ones in a well-known magazine with national circulation.

On this occasion, the meeting point was Punta de Mita, Mexico, a paradisiacal tourist destination where mother and children ventured into the crystal clear waters and They starred in several photographs that made their arrival on social networks.

As expected, Internet users did not take long to share their excitement for the famous and leave one or another comment of affection. “Divine!! And the precious little ones too”; “How handsome the three of them are at the table!”; “Beautiful photos Eli!! Máxima, León and you are divine! ”, are some of the comments that are read on the net.

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