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Elizabeth Álvarez breaks the silence about the alleged infidelity of Jorge Salinas. What did he say? | VIDEO

After the scandal that arose from an alleged infidelity on the part of Jorge Salinas with a nutritionist, his wife and actress, elizabeth alvarez He broke his silence on these allegations.

Although Salinas has already declared that everything was fine with his wife, now it is the actress who confronts the reporters at the Mexico City Airport, who questioned what had happened to her family after all this scandal broke out that made her the cover of various sites and magazines.

“You better than anyone, you know who we are, who we are as a family, as a couple and well, there is nothing to say. We are a beautiful family who live our marriage every day, we have been married for 11 years. What can I tell you? Nothing, I have no comment, other than that here we are, happy, content.”


Although he did not want to give many details of how they resolved this situation, Elizabeth stressed that they are a stable family and recalled that they have been married for 11 yearsrevealing that they are currently very close, as the soap opera heartthrob had advanced.

While Anna Paula Guerrero, her husband’s doctor, sent her a message through show programs, The protagonist of “Fire in the Blood” preferred not to comment on the woman who was romantically linked to Jorge Salina.

This is how Álvarez definitively ends the speculation that his marriage was in crisis due to this situation, in which the soap opera heartthrob was blamed for betraying his wife.

What scandal was Jorge Salinas involved in?

In January of this year, a Mexican magazine stated that Jorge Salinas had been unfaithful to Elizabeth Álvarez, as he had been in a relationship for just over a year with Guerrero.

However, the specialist came out to deny the information and ensure that they were only a patient and a doctor. Although many questioned her statements, Some time later, the protagonist of “My heart is yours” clarified that it was a lie and that he was very much in love with his wife.

Elizabeth Álvarez and Jorge Salinas met in “Fuego en la sangre” in 2008, a year later they announced that they had a relationship.

It was not until 2011 that the couple walked down the aisle and in 2015 they became the parents of their twins, León and Máxima. The couple became one of the most solid in the artistic medium, something that the artists demonstrated when they recovered from this scandal.

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