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Electronic voting machine is not violated at the end of the tests carried out by the TSE and the Federal Police

Last Friday (13), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) confirmed that it successfully closed the sixth edition of the Public Security Test of the Electronic Voting System (TPS), which began last Wednesday (11).

The procedure takes place in different stages, which identify and verify whether improvements have been made to the electronic voting machine software to reinforce security based on what has been pointed out by experts. The previous test phase took place from November 21 to 27 last year.


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Those responsible for the attacks considered successful – which in all were five – returned to the Court last week to repeat the tests on a new version of the system that runs on the polls.

In the end, according to the authorities, none of the groups was successful in compromising and/or violating the integrity or secrecy of the votes. From now on, it is up to the TSE to implement these solutions before the 2022 Elections.

The official test result will be announced on May 30.

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What is TPS?

The Public Security Test has been part of the electoral calendar since 2009. The measure, according to the TSE, is one of the main milestones in the process of developing electoral systems.

Normally, the battery of tests usually takes place in the year before the election. Today’s edition was held at the Elections Dissemination Center (CDE), located in the TSE headquarters building, in Brasília.

This edition was the largest ever held, with a record number of subscribers and more time to execute plans to verify the source codes of the electronic voting machine. The current TPS had the participation of 26 specialists in Information Technology and Security.

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