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Eldorado releases exclusive Christmas balls together with Julkulan

Now (or well, soon anyway) it’s Christmas again and food brand Eldorado finally reveals what they’ve been working on in their little Santa workshop for the past few months. Here we take a look at the brand’s unconventional 2022 Christmas decorations to say the least!

Photo: Eldorado

In recent years, Eldorado has released several Christmas-inspired collections, including a Christmas vest and Christmas calendar that sold out in no time. This year is no exception: just in time for the holiday, they are launching a collection of Christmas balls, inspired by the brand’s products, together with the Christmas Ball in Old Town in Stockholm.

“We and our customers love Christmas and, like previous years, of course we want to do something fun around the holiday that surprises and can be liked by many. The tree is an obvious part of Christmas and how you dress your tree has become highly personal. We hope to contribute to more creative and personalized Christmas trees with our Christmas balls of our most iconic products. If you manage to get your hands on a set, we hope that the Christmas baubles will be hung on the tree for many years to come, not least for the fine craftsmanship behind them,” says Emma Töpel Hanson, head of marketing communications, private label goods, Dagab, part of Axfood.

“Humorous and beautiful”

The Christmas baubles are mouth-blown glass, hand-painted, and come in sets of four. The set is launched on eldoradovaror.store the second advent (December 4). For those who don’t want to wait that long, it is also possible to find the Christmas baubles in the Julkulan store at Österlånggatan 39 in Gamla Stan in Stockholm from and including the first advent (November 27).

While you’re still in the store, you can take the opportunity to check out Eldorado’s first ever Christmas sign. Also keep in mind that the marbles come in a limited edition, so hang on to the lock!

Anders and Gunilla Martinsson at Julkulan are enthusiastic about the collaboration with Eldorado:

“We are so happy about this collaboration and about the result. The Christmas baubles that we are now launching together with Eldorado fulfill everything that Christmas baubles should be in our opinion – they are humorous and at the same time beautiful,” they say.

Photo: Eldorado

This is included in the set, which costs SEK 299:

Christmas bauble with the design Peaches in halves
Christmas bauble with the design Mussels in water
Christmas bauble with the design Crushed tomatoes in tomato juice
Christmas bauble with the design Flakes – Happy Hoops

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