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“El Puma” confesses to Kerly Ruiz that he would talk about his daughters but in a bioseries

José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” at the 2019 Latin Grammy.

Photo: Rich Fury. /Getty Images

Jose Luis Rodriguez “The Puma” He has always refused to speak openly about the distance between his daughters and Lila Morillo, liliana rodriguez Y lilibeth rodriguez. However, in an exclusive interview that he gave to his Venezuelan compatriot kerly ruizone of the staff members of the program sit who canThey went through the topic.

In it he put a stop to kerly ruiz from the outset when she barely raised the idea of ​​touching the subject of the little hair she has with her daughters, to which the boomhe answered. “If you get in there, we are going to have a fight, because you are questioning me as a father and we are not going to enter that area..”. However, after seeing the insistence of the star of TelevisaUnivisionHe did admit that, given the opportunity to tell his life in a bioseries, he would talk about everything.

This includes the estrangement with Lilibeth and Liliana Morillo, his eldest daughters. Let’s remember that from his second relationship with Carolina Pérez, with whom he is already 35 years old, the actress and model was born Genesis Rodriguez. narrowed down to kerly ruiz that he has never liked gossip and that he would not treat his life that way. Which he has made clear in previous interviews. He also suggested that his daughters have done it that way.

“I flee from gossip, I flee from scandal. There are two ways to do this career, with scandals, which tire in the long run or in fact, head-on, with sincerity and honesty”, added the interpreter of “Hold on hands” and “I am guilty” while also saying that he never reads the news about him and less if they are of that nature.

That is how The Puma this time was seen more open before the cameras also of UniMás. He also talked about how he has changed her life since the lung transplant he received years ago when he was near death.

“The truth is, I feel such a great love inside that I couldn’t explain to you what I really feel towards people, towards the public. I became more sensitive, much more sensitive and totally grateful”, assured José Luis Rodríguez while he also threw some flowers after a long time to his older daughters: “They are both talented, actresses, singers“.

kerly ruiz emphasized the way in which this distancing would have started and Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma” He stated: “I traveled a lot, got married again and dedicated myself to this new marriage. I had to attend to Génesis, who was the smallest of all of them and, well, Carolina and I have been together for 35 years. From this, 35 years ago I turned the page.

It is not closed to a reconciliation for what can be seen in the interview that the show did TelevisaUnivision, sit who can, but he did make it clear that this would take place in private. For her part, Kerly Ruiz managed to have her chair on the show again.

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