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El Brujo Mayor predicts how Silvia Pinal, Gloria Trevi, Andrés García and more will do in 2023

El Brujo Mayor is one of the most recognized seers in Mexico.


The tarot reader known as El Brujo Mayor launched his long-awaited predictions for 2023 where he revealed what fate has in store for some celebrities, including Silvia Pinal, Gloria Trevi, Alfredo Adame and Andrés García, among other members of the show business.

At a press conference, the also astrologer, who in the world past of Qatar 2022 hit some of his prophecies, used tarot cards as oracles where he visualized what these and other artists await him.

From the first actress Silvia Pinalwhose state of health caused concern last year, commented that things are not looking good, as his well-being could worsen, according to statements collected by the Infobae site.

As for the controversial actor and conductor Alfredo Adame He said he doesn’t know what to do with his life, we will see him decay and he will no longer have a place on television. Let’s remember that, in 2022, Adame starred in various altercations, in the last of them, he ended up in the hospital.

One of the most recognized actors in Mexico and who recently has been in the news due to his state of health is Andrés Garcíawho did not predict the best of scenarios, even said that his wife Margarita Portillo did some kind of witchcraft work, however, in the opinion of the Mayor “he no longer wants to live in his body.”

Another of the celebrities were analyzed by the tarot reader was the singer Gloria Trevi, who will soon launch his bioseries, in this regard, he prophesied that it will have a good reception, but there will be people who will not be entirely happy with what we can see on the screen, in any case, he stressed that it will be successful.

The real name of El Brujo Mayor is Antonio Vázquez Alba and he has been one of the best-known seers in Mexico for his controversial predictions. Regarding general aspects of 2023, he predicted that remittances will continue to increase and the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will have to take care of himself because he could have some problems, presumably, health.

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