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Eiza González supports Shakira in controversy against Piqué, but they reminded her of her courtship with Liam Hemsworth

The list of celebrities who have expressed their support for Shakira after the release of the song ‘BZRP Music Session #53’ against Piqué and his current courtship with Clara Chía continues to rise, and now it was the Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez who expressed through social networks that he is on the side of the singer; however, she did not do well when she was reminded of her romance with Liam Hemsworth that supposedly would have occurred in the middle of an infidelity.

The Mexican actress turned to her official Twitter account to share a message of support for the Colombian artist after the imminent success of her collaboration with Bizarrap, which emerged as a “catharsis and relief”, but which has become one of the most listened to songs within the music platforms.

And it is that, in a first message, the Hollywood star limited himself to writing “I love you Shakira“, with which he achieved thousands of reactions, but also some responses that apparently were not to his liking, since a user used the same message to remind him of his courtship with the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, which at the time was rumored to have started in a love triangle with Miley Cyrus.

If you were with Liam when you were still married to Miley there is no shame, Eiza. Do you want me to show you the photos??? Do you want me to teach you???”, wrote the user @paundesito on Twitter.

Given the signal, the actress of tapes like Ambulance, Bloodshot and Godzilla vs. Kong did not hesitate to defend herself against the accusations, assuring that she has never been involved in infidelity.

“Hello! This is completely uncertain. Never in my life have I been part of any infidelity. Never. Please do not distort information,” the 32-year-old model also responded bluntly.

Despite the bad moment that happened, Eiza added a second tweet in which she expressed her happiness to be able to support a Latina in her triumphant return to music.

“¡¡¡Happy to support a Latina that is breaking him!! Happy you’re back making music @shakira.” It reads in another message from last January 15.

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