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Eiza González captivated on the red carpet of ‘Babylon’ in a sexy dress with transparencies

Eiza Gonzalezknown for her participation in films such as “Baby Driver” and “Ambulance”, has captured the attention of the international press thanks to the stunning outfit she wore during the red carpet of his new project, “Babylon”.

And it is that it was through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram that various images were disseminated in which the most iconic moments of the night were recapitulated, such as the arrival of the entire cast that makes up the film.

For her part, the Mexican actress caught the eye thanks to the incredible look she wore. It was a black dress that was characterized by having transparencies in the right places to leave little to the imagination.

In addition, simple makeup and neutral colors were the perfect complement to let her natural beauty stand out all night.

It should be noted that Eiza González could not let her big night go unnoticed either, so she turned to her official Instagram account to post a video in which she is seen parading the said red carpet before the astonished gaze of the attendees.

Will Eiza González be Sue Storm in “Fantastic 4”?

This is not the first time during the week that the name of the histrionics headlines, since on December 19 it came to light that she would be in charge of giving life to the iconic character of ‘Sue Storm’ in the next movie of “ The Fantastic 4”.

But how true is this rumor? The information came to light through the insider MyTimeToShineHello, who through his Twitter account shared that Eiza González is positioned, presumably, as the number one option to play Sue Storm, also known as The Invisible Woman. However, this is yet to be confirmed by Marvel.

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