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Effort rate: How to calculate and reduce?

The effort rate is an important indicator for banks when granting mortgage loans, but not only. This rate is crucial for take the pulse of the family budget. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is normal that you do not know exactly what the ratio between the household’s income and expenses is. Inflation and rising interest rates have complicated the accounts, as products and services have suffered price increases from month to month.

With Doctor Finance’s effort rate simulator, you can calculate, in just a few seconds, the health status of your wallet. Calculate your household’s effort rate here and find out below what you can do to reduce it.

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Is your family budget under strain?

If your effort rate exceeds 30%, be aware that creditor institutions may refuse to grant credit, for not having confidence in the customer. From this amount, personal or family finances may be at risk. But even if they do not exceed 30%, ideally, the effort rate should be as low as possible. To reduce it there are only two alternatives: or increase income or reduce charges.

If part of your charges are for credit – car, credit cards and others – consider your consolidationto gain monthly time off. If you also have a home loanyou can review the conditions and pay less in interest or on other products and associated commissions.

At Doctor Finance, we help you make the best financial decisions for a healthier portfolio. Contact our experts and learn how we can help reduce your effort rate.

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