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Edwin Luna finds a strange bag in his shoe and they assure that Kimberly Flores made him “a mooring”

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Kimberly Flores once again became the target of strong accusations within social networks, this time for allegedly do “witchcraft” to her husband, Edwin Lunawho discovered the hidden evidence in one of his shoes.

The Guatemalan model continues to generate all kinds of reactions, and it is that, during her recent participation in ‘Rica, Famosa, Latrina’, she gave something to talk about for revealing the peculiar tactic she uses to discover an infidelity, in addition to exposing that her husband maintained conversations with a woman who was about to become unfaithful; Despite this, the couple continues to show that they remain united and enjoy their large family.

But this time he was the leader of The Trakalosa of Monterrey who shared with his Instagram followers that he had made a mysterious discovery, which sparked rumors that it could be witchcraft.

It all happened when the singer went looking for a pair of shoes that he hadn’t worn for several months, at which point he reached into one of them and discovered a bag of what appeared to be candy.

Look how dirty we are. These boots must have been there for at least six months… sweet“, Luna is heard saying.

When giving the bag to Kimbrely Flores, she only took the pair of shoes, which was taken by many as evidence that she was responsible for placing a “mooring” there.

As expected, users did not hesitate to comment on Edwin Luna’s finding, assuring that the influencer had to resort to witchcraft to keep her husband with her and finally there was proof of what had been speculated for quite some time.

she is not surprised to see the sweets there, rather he is scared to see that Edwin discovered them”, “If they notice, he does not want to take the sweets and even pulls his hand away and prefers to leave there”, “And after seeing that witchcraft”, “I had to do witchcraft after what happened in the house of celebrities to keep him calm”, “It shows that there is nothing to do because they discovered it, and if it is a mooring because he put them in the left shoe where the little witches do“, “If she resorts to that kind of thing to keep her husband, it means that then the relationship is not going well,” some netizens wrote.

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